Helix Interface

HELIX Interface

We’re redefining the essence of workplace safety for the modern, safer worker.

Our innovative digital toolkit is designed to seamlessly integrate into the fabric of your day-to-day operations, enhancing safety, compliance, and overall operational efficiency.

What Makes Helix Interface Stand Out?

Helix Interface is the digital toolkit for the safer worker.

Our platform is specifically designed to meet the needs of frontline workers, providing them with instant access to the tools and information they need, right on the factory floor.

At the same time, we enable accessing documents, forms and digital tools simple, through a centralised interface customised to their department or job task.

By providing two-way communication and digital interaction, we improve staff engagement and satisfaction rates, that reduce staff turnover, improve efficiency and make the workplace safer.

Seamless EHS Management at Your Fingertips with Helix Interface

Elevate safety and efficiency effortlessly in your workplace with Helix Interface’s intuitive digital solutions, perfect for dynamic environments like yours.

Stay ahead in the fast-paced manufacturing world. Helix Interface provides easy access to vital EHS resources on mobile and kiosks, keeping you informed and ready for action.

Helix Interface transforms self-service in industrial settings, giving you autonomy with on-demand access to essential EHS information, directly enhancing decision-making and operational independence.

Experience significant ROI with Helix Interface. Our platform streamlines processes and heightens engagement, boosting productivity and adding measurable value to your operations.


See how Helix Interface can transform your EHS strategy, driving both safety and business success.

Experience Helix Interface

Simplifying Safety Management

Helix Interface, where user-centric design meets efficiency. See for yourself how our platform effortlessly transforms intricate EHS tasks into manageable, user-friendly processes. Helix Interface is not just a tool—it’s a shift in how safety management is approached in dynamic environments like manufacturing.

Join us in experiencing how Helix Interface reimagines safety management, making complex tasks accessible and manageable for every worker.

Smart Induction: AI-Powered Digital Onboarding

Our innovative platform offers a unique, efficient approach to re-inducting staff, promising a complete workforce update in just six weeks, enhancing safety culture and compliance.

Revolutionize Safety Inductions

Achieve Complete Staff Re-Induction Within 6 Weeks
With Helix Interface, embrace a transformative approach to employee safety inductions. Our platform ensures comprehensive re-induction of your entire workforce within just six weeks of installation. Streamline your safety processes with precision, enabling a proactive safety culture that is both efficient and effective.

Accelerate Induction Efficiency

Save 30+ Minutes per Inductee with Helix Interface
At Helix Interface, we redefine the induction process. Save at least 30 minutes for each inductee, streamlining the integration of new hires into your safety culture. Our system is the benchmark for efficient onboarding, ensuring each minute contributes to building a more informed, prepared, and compliant workforce.

Revolutionize Safety Inductions

Transform Onboarding with AI Analytics in Just 6 Weeks
Helix Interface leverages cutting-edge AI to analyse and optimise your induction process. Expect to revolutionise onboarding efficiency with data-driven insights, achieving a streamlined workflow within just six weeks. Embrace the future where AI not only guides but enhances every step of your EHS strategy.

Elevate EHS Oversight with Helix Interface

Step into a new age of EHS management with Helix Interface. Our intuitive platform simplifies tracking, reporting, and managing safety protocols, making your role as an EHS professional more manageable and effective. Designed with the modern EHS leader in mind, it aligns perfectly with the pursuit of streamlined and precise safety management.

Elevate Safety Management with Helix Interface

Step into a future where your EHS operations are not just managed but transformed with Helix Interface. See the difference innovation can make in your approach to safety.

Join the Safety Revolution with HelixEHS

Get in touch with our team today and take the first step towards a safer, more efficient workplace. Discover the HelixEHS difference in enhancing your safety management systems.