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Welcome to the future of safety inductions. Are you tired of outdated, inefficient induction processes? Meet Helix Interface for Inductions – a revolution in managing workplace safety. With our user-friendly interface, mobile accessibility, and real-time updates, we’re transforming the way you onboard and train your employees.

Transforming Inductions for a Safer Workplace

Discover the Power of Intuitive Safety Tools

Empower Your Team with Intuitive Safety Tools

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Achieve higher safety standards and compliance effortlessly.

Interactive content that keeps your team interested and informed.
Reduce paperwork and administrative load with digital solutions.

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Proven Success in Enhancing Workplace Safety

Hear from companies like yours who have transformed their safety inductions with Helix Interface.

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Revolutionising Site Inductions and Safety Management

Advanced Features for Advanced Safety

From immersive learning experiences to streamlined identity validation, our platform offers a comprehensive suite of features designed for the modern workplace.

Automated Compliance Tracking

Automatically update and track the compliance of your workforce.

Interactive Training Modules

Engage staff with interactive, scenario-based training modules tailored to specific job roles.

Elevate EHS Oversight with Helix Interface

Step into a new age of EHS management with Helix Interface. Our intuitive platform simplifies tracking, reporting, and managing safety protocols, making your role as an EHS professional more manageable and effective. Designed with the modern EHS leader in mind, it aligns perfectly with the pursuit of streamlined and precise safety management.

Visualising Safety: Interactive Elements That Speak Volumes

Engage, Educate, and Empower

Our platform includes dynamic imagery, informative videos, and clear infographics, making learning both effective and engaging. We further enhance the experience with:

Adhering to Compliance and Industry Standards

Empowering You with the Tools for Quality and Reliability

Discover how the Helix Interface for Inductions equips you with the tools to meet and exceed regulatory requirements and industry benchmarks.

By using Helix Interface, you’re not just adopting a software solution; you’re empowering your team with the resources and capabilities necessary to achieve and maintain high standards of safety and compliance. Our platform is designed to support your efforts, making compliance a seamless and integrated part of your safety inductions and overall safety management strategy.

Unmatched Customer Support and After-Sales Service

Immediate Impact, Lasting Success

At Helix, we’re proud to say that our clients often report being able to fully utilise the system from the day of implementation. This swift transition to effectiveness is a testament to both the intuitive design of our platform and the comprehensive support we provide.
With Helix Interface, you’re not just choosing a software solution; you’re gaining a partner committed to your immediate and long-term success. Experience the difference of a system that’s ready to go from day one, backed by a team dedicated to supporting you every step of the way.

Rapid Deployment: Complete Solution in Just Three Weeks

From Engagement to Implementation, Accelerate Your Safety Induction Transformation

Understanding the need for swift and efficient system upgrades, Helix Interface stands out with our commitment to a rapid deployment process. Our promise to you: a complete solution, fully installed and operational within just three weeks of engaging with our team.
With Helix Interface, you don’t just get a leading safety induction platform – you get a promise of efficiency, minimal downtime, and a swift transformation of your safety management systems.

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